The Morelli House

An Historic Preservation Project of the

Junior League of Las Vegas

The Morelli House is a classic example of Las Vegas mid-century residential architecture that was relocated and restored as an historic preservation project by the Junior League of Las Vegas. The house was built in 1959 by Antonio Morelli, the orchestra conductor and musical director for the Sand’s Hotel and Casino Copa Showroom from 1954-1972. The house was originally located at 52 Country Club Drive in the prestigious Desert Inn Country Club Estates that overlooked the world-class Desert Inn Golf Course. In September 2001, Junior League moved the house to Ninth and Bridger Avenue to the historic district in downtown Las Vegas in order to save it from demolition when the Wynn Resort was being built on the site. The relocation and restoration of the House has saved a piece of mid-century history of Las Vegas where brick and mortar representations of the past often are the unfortunate casualties to progress. The Morelli House is a permanent gift from the Junior League of Las Vegas for the current and future citizens of Nevada that will foster their sense of place and historic context, which will consequently improve, strengthen and unite the community, now and in the years to come. The Morelli House was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012.

Public Opportunities to Visit the Morelli House

The Morelli House, now located at 861 Bridger St. Las Vegas, Nevada, serves as the Junior League of Las Vegas’ administrative headquarters. It is available for public viewing through pre-arranged group tours and public open house events held throughout the year. For more information call 702-822-6536 or email: .


The Morelli House Today

 Interior of the Morelli House Today

The Morelli House in Original Location