Public Grants Received for the Morelli House Project


Nevada Commission for Cultural Affairs

October 1998:                      $153,010.00.                       For the purchase of land for Whitehead House September 1999:                                 $166,990.00                         Augmented funding for the purchase of land for  Whitehead House   October 2002:                      $34,456.00                           For rehabilitation and soil remediation of property   September 2006:                 $50,000.00                          For interior and exterior restoration and monument sign   Nevada Humanities October  2006:                     $7,000.00                              For research and development of initial interpretive Interpretive program materials, essay and lecture By Alan Hess and first printing of Booklet (2000 Copies)   December  2008:                                 $5,300.00                              For the production of “Morelli and His Music”, a Community program held on April 2, 2009 at the Las Vegas High School Academy and for the development of ancillary materials.   October  2009                      $1,000.00                              For literary lecture, “The Genius of Mark Twain” held Oct 22, 2009.   November 2014                   3,340.00                                                For the planning, research and production of educational and collateral materials for The Sands Copa Connection Program Series.  

Nevada Energy


June  2007                            $8,047.00                              First Air Conditioner unit replacement,

programmable thermostat   March  2008                         $3,047.00                              Second Air Conditioner unit replacement, UV Ray Window coating  

City of Las Vegas Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)

  March 2009                          $5000.00                               For website design, paid newspaper ads for Public Open Houses and other special events, printing and design of tri-fold brochure (5000 copies).     March 2011                          $1,500.00                              For Spring Public Open House and Art Fair Event: “An Afternoon at the Morelli House: Where the Arts and History Meet”   Commission for the Las Vegas Centennial- History Grants   March  2010                         $5,192.00                              For second printing of Morelli Booklet (3000 copies) and exterior bronze plaque (state marker).   January  2014                   $26,623.00                              For production expenses of the “Copa Connection Program Series”     RC&D Council (US Department of Agriculture)   Spring 2009                          $500.00                                 For trees, planting and irrigation installation   Fall 2010                               $250.00                                 For additional trees,  bushes and installation   Winter 2011                      $1500.00                                   For additional trees, bushes and installation ___________________________________________________________ Home     |   Preservation Project   |   Benchmark Dates   | The Kagan Connection    |    Awards & Accolades   |    Kagan Biography   |  Major Donors    |    Whitehead House   |    Photos