Morelli and his Music

Listen to the Music of Morelli

The following musical selections are recordings of some of Antonio Morelli’s Community Concerts. We thank Ken Hanlon of the UNLV Arnold Shaw Popular Music Research Center for transferring the tapes to digital format.

01 Intro Montage


02  Intro Montage (Davis, Sinatra, Martin, Cole, Wilson)


03 Intro June 15, 1969 Las Vegas “Pops” concert


04 Jump for Joy (Joe Williams)


05 Intro of Joe Williams (Antonio Morelli)


06 Ol’ Man River (Joe Williams)


07 Background on Red Skelton Compositions


08 Intro of the Las Vegas “Pops” Orchestra (Antonio Morelli)


09 Intro of Red Skelton (Antonio Morelli)


10 Everret McKinley Dirksen March (Las Vegas “Pops” Orchestra)


11 Intro of Tony Martin Show at the Sands


12 Bye, Bye Blackbird (Tony Martin & Morelli Orchestra)


13 Autumn Leaves (Tony Martin & Morelli Orchestra)


14 Just in Time (Tony Martin & Morelli Orchestra)


15 Let’s Fall in Love (Tony Martin & Morelli Orchestra)


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